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Flowers in Full Bloom
LO Ya-Lan
NO. 20130204
Year 2010
Max Size
141 x 141 x 4.3 cm
Oil on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Flowers in Full Bloom by LUO Ya-Lan is part of her series entitled Fantasy Forest. She fills her piece with graphic images appealing to children of trees, flowers, grass, and mountains, using flat colors in riotous profusion. She also decorates the painting with colored stars, circles, squares, hearts, swirls, and stripes. The artist believes that the environment we live in today is a cold, concrete jungle, so in her work she selects dream-like colors to create a fairytale-like world, hoping to give the viewer a sense of joy and happiness. Luo’s creative work is full of child-like appeal and expresses her feeling that the world we live in should not be monotonous and drab but filled with brilliant and gorgeous color.