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Lovely Tears
LO Ya-Lan
NO. 20140581
Year 2008
Max Size
82.9 x 133.2 x 4 cm
Oil and lace on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
LO Ya-Lan uses brilliant kaleidoscopic colors to construct her inner fantasies. LO Ya-Lan’s Lovely Tears employs a purely black background against which a brilliantly colored tree is depicted. The tree is dissected symmetrically down the center. The ground itself is depicted in grid patterns, with the surface on the right and left coated in pink and blue hues respectively. The tree is covered by numerous concentric circles and bow ties like a fully-laden Christmas tree. The composition is divided into different layers of brushstrokes and lines, with the crown bordered by a haze-like shroud that resembles a light drizzle splattering against the leaves. The result is a rich story-like image constructed using simple lines and figures.