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Youth No Regrets
LO Ya-Lan
NO. 20140580
Year 2009
Max Size
87.5 x 107.3 x 4 cm
Oil on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
LO Ya-Lan uses brilliant kaleidoscopic colors to construct her inner fantasies. Youth No Regrets is composed of many brightly colored patches and decorative items. The entire composition is covered with stars, hearts, circles, waves, and other shapes, each being orderly arranged to specified areas. Three butterfly-shaped montages, a girl photographing herself, the artist on the day before the opening of the gallery, and clear skies with white clouds have been included within the canvas. Closer observations of the artwork also reveal a hidden puppy. The sky, camera, and puppy are devices employed by LO Ya-Lan as hints to her personal memories that commemorate the sweetest moments of her youth.