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Peach Season
LO Ya-Lan
NO. 20140583
Year 2008
Max Size
71.7 x 101 x 4 cm
Oil on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
LO Ya-Lan uses brilliant kaleidoscopic colors to construct her inner fantasies. LO Ya-Lan’s Peach Season depicts an alternative portrayal of the Earth after cataclysmic changes, conveying her fearless disregard for impending doomsdays. Peach, yellow, and green were employed as the main tones. Each area is saturated with geometric shapes of different colors, with lines symbolizing crisscrossing lanes and alleys. The viewer is offered a perspective atop a mountain to gaze upon the entire city, above which floats a few puffs of yellow-tinted clouds, while the far ground depicts a continuous ocean of clouds. A perspective from the high ground was employed by LO Ya-Lan to give viewers a different vantage and to obtain a fresh new look at the cityscape.