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Coming Across
PAI Yu-Lin
NO. 20150287
Year 2014
Max Size
106 x 106 x 7 cm
Oil and acrylic on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
PAI Yu-Lin’s Cross Place shows an abstract yet uniform distribution of composition of geometric shapes of different sizes that dissect the entire canvas as a means to convey innermost desires. The 3 color patches were created using different brushstrokes and textures. The white patch includes splotches of grey formed by overlapping strokes over each other. The orange one was created by simply painting over the canvas, while the red patch includes textures of different tones in addition to dots and lines. These 3 patches each represent different mental and physical states experienced under various environments in the modern lifestyle. By manifesting personal feelings and memories as abstract ideas within this composition, PAI Yu-Lin has successfully created an artwork that addresses her emotional state.