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Between the World and Me
PAI Yu-Lin
NO. 20180111
Year 2017
Max Size
103.5 x 97 x 3.5 cm
Acrylic, Ink and colour on paper
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
PAI Yu-Lin believes that a creation is a reflection of one’s inner image. In the work, Between the World and Me, she uses the most basic elements in geometric abstract painting, points, lines, and faces, to make changes and representations of the composition. In the picture, the lines of different thickness and length are interlaced with the dry texture filled by the brushstrokes. Irregular circles and broken dots are scattered and dispersed in them. The gray tone of the picture shows a restrained and calm rational space. The upper and lower images, as well as the contrast of the black and white tones, give the painting a jumping rhythm. With abstract painting, PAI Yu-Lin illustrates the feelings in a pluralistic state under the impression of an external environment, reflecting on the remaining space in the artistic environment.