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PAI Yu-Lin
NO. 20140411
Year 2013
Max Size
81.6 x 81 x 3 cm
Ink on paper
Artwork Appreciation
PAI Yu-Lin’s ink painting, Vitality, has been created using abstract symbols and artistic language. A large, amorphous blob of ink has dominated the key position on the upper half of the composition, threatening to spread downwards. The lower part of the picture is occupied by the outlines of triangles and irregularly shaped symbols created using pale colored inks which were then smudged and filled to create a blurred visages. Darker and thicker ink were then used as highlighting elements in order to create an enriching arrangement of spatial layers. The thickness of ink colors separates various abstract symbols into different distances, revealing PAI Yu-Lin’s expertise in commanding the nature of ink as well as artistic composition. By adopting abstract forms and languages, PAI Yu-Lin explores the very nature of art to unleash the unique vitality of ink painting.