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House's Party
SHIU Ruei-Jr
NO. 20140508
Year 2012
Max Size
89 x 89 x 5 cm
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
SHIU Ruei-Jr is skilled in print and the particular field of multi-panel printing. His works are based upon serene everyday landscapes to offer an original and sincere texture. In House’s Party, SHIU Ruei-Jr used his imaginations to create a personalized and special glass jar filled with fantastic colors. The unique aspect of this glass jar is that it does not isolate the inside world from the outside, acting only as a freely permeable membrane. Instead of fish, three seahorses and a small snake call this jar their home. The seahorses are clad in dinosaur costumes and swims back and forth freely within the glass jar. Numerous red leaves and sea grasses, colorful corals and small volcanoes that belch forth mountain spring make up the aquatic landscape within the jar. Small, self-sufficient ecologies are harbored within the blue, purple, and pink bubbles created by various plants. With his unique force of imagination, warm color tones, and flowing textures and lines, SHIU Ruei-Jr has created a novel realm rich with unique curiosities.