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17°C Green
SHIU Ruei-Jr
NO. 20140504
Year 2012
Max Size
87.3 x 86 x 5.4 cm
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
SHIU Ruei-Jr is a skilled print artist, using dynamic colors and rich composition to create a unique artistic vocabulary. 17oC Green is based upon the artist’s gardens and workshop, and depicts eucalyptus, willows, snowflake bush, irises, hibiscus, and cherries in autumn. An ochre colored trunk of a mighty tree dissects the entire composition, while autumn-colored leaves and flowers of varying shades sprout along the trunk and branches as signs of the tree’s verdant and endless vitality manifested to the outside world. The composition and coloration used are brilliant, diverse, and surprisingly non-chaotic, perfectly capturing the dynamic and busy natural aesthetics of a wonderful afternoon.