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Afternoon Tea
SHIU Ruei-Jr
NO. 20140506
Year 2012
Max Size
87.4 x 86.8 x 5.3 cm
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
SHIU Ruei-Jr is skilled in creating hand-crafted print artworks that offer classical textures and appearances. Flowing lines and gentle tones are employed to generate hand-made and heartwarming artworks. Afternoon Tea shows a coffee table at the center of the canvas with a vase containing a bunch of dried statice flowers upon it. An iron tea kettle, a pair of wine cups, heavy cheese cake, a plate of kyoho grapes, and slices of lemon are placed around the vase. Two seating mats made from woven bamboo strips are placed under the coffee table. This attention to detail and meticulous settings reveals the sophisticated lifestyle of room’s owner. The composition is finally decorated with light and shadows, allowing a ray of sunlight to pour through the window. Snacks on the table and the shadows hint at a serene and relaxing afternoon tea enjoyed by the artist and his friend.