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SHIU Ruei-Jr
NO. 20140505
Year 2012
Max Size
87.3 x 87 x 5.4 cm
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
SHIU Ruei-Jr is skilled in creating hand-crafted print artworks that offer classical textures and appearances. Flowing lines and gentle tones are employed to generate hand-made and heartwarming artworks mostly inspired by simple everyday objects. The artist would then extensively review and reinterpret these views and present the creative process to the viewer. Willows illustrate the garden witnessed by SHIU Ruei-Jr when he looks out from the window of his two-story residence in Miaoli. A verdant willow tree at the top of the picture has been hollowed up by ants, yet remains tall and standing. Long shadows of surrounding trees created by the setting sun are arrayed together with that of the willow tree. A large part of the picture at the bottom is covered by a intercrossing mosaic of yellow and blue patterns. The entire composition is a gentle dream-like landscape of dusk giving way to evening, meticulously preserved for all eternity.