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LI Cheng-Hsun
NO. 20160226
Year 2015
Max Size
90.2 x 90 x 5.5 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
LI Cheng-Hsun’s Boyhood uses green and blue colored lines arranged in perpendicular and horizontal fashions to create grids of different sizes and generate visual dynamics and musical rhythms. The work allows the artist to look back on his childhood, to treasure the time he enjoyed and the courage he had, and to remind himself of taking proper care of everything through the dance of colors. Through the repeating actions of underpainting, pasting tapes, applying color,and removing tapes, neat and orderly lines were created. LI Cheng-Hsun’s works present a mechanical and rational order that hides within it a moving state of uncertainty. Painting is used as a method to record his daily emotions, conveying inner thoughts and feelings through a harmonic rhythm.