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You're So Chic, So Sexy!
LI Cheng-Hsun
NO. 20130164
Acrylic Painting
Year 2010
Max Size
142 x 130 x 5.5 cm
Artwork Appreciation
Li Cheng-Hsun’s work is of an abstract style. He expresses his inner feelings through a framework of lines, geometric figures and blocks of color. Instead of using a paintbrush, Li leaves traces of acrylic paint on the canvas by repeatedly applying adhesive tape, adding paint, and removing the tape. Li’s piece You're so Chic, so Sexy! is inspired by electro-punk. The spacing of the lines grows wider toward the center, their relative distances giving the image a sense of movement, like a punk rhythm. The pinks, blacks and the golden clock protruding from the upper right hand of the canvas undulate like a musical melody, and within the rhythm there’s an unexpected dissonance.