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250 Rectangles
LI Cheng-Hsun
NO. 20160224
Year 2015
Max Size
90 x 90 x 5.1 cm
Acrylic on wood
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
LI Cheng-Hsun’s 250 Rectangles includes 250 overlapping layers of paint for sponging up daily emotions and environments, serving as a storage medium of everyday events. The work, once begun, became an unstoppable and irreversible marathon with an unending cycle of base primer application, taping, painting, and removing the tape to create overlapping layers of paint. There was no possibility for pausing the cycle or resting, yet the process served as the means by which daily treasures could be stored and preserved. LI Cheng-Hsun’s works present a mechanical and rational order that hides within it a moving state of uncertainty. Painting is a method to record his daily emotions, conveying inner thoughts and feelings through a harmonic rhythm.