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D.V 003 (Stash or Pipeline)
WU Chuan-Lun
NO. 20200127
Year 2018
Max Size
96.5 x 64 x 4 cm
Digital print with Diasec
Artwork Appreciation
D.V 003 (Stash or Pipeline), created in 2018, belongs to a sub-series, “Series 5” of the artist Wu Chuan-Lun’s “Debris” series. “Debris” represents the wreckage after a disaster. Since 2011, Wu has been using 3D drawing software to build models without any practical significance that reflect the issues he thinks about at different times. “Series 5” is based on his experiences while living in Berlin. Berlin is a city rebuilt on ruins, but one can see fragments of history flying about everywhere in daily life. He uses 3D drawings to transform historical memory and his own experiences there. He presents the peculiar lighting of a Berlin basement bar and the temporarily exposed pipes during an East Berlin road construction project through the pure lines, wrinkles, colors and light of 3D printing in order to create an abstract metaphor of life intertwined with historical memories.