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D.V 006 (Digest or Chewing Gum)
WU Chuan-Lun
NO. 20200128
Year 2018
Max Size
44.3 x 52 x 3.8 cm
Digital print with Diasec
Artwork Appreciation
The artist Wu Chuan-Lun, who pays attention to the tendency to dichotomize between nature and civilization, analog and digital, makes extensive use of computer images, photography, ready-made objects, sculpture, and painting in order to create unique creative context. D.V 006 (Digest or Chewing Gum) belongs to his “Debris” series, which represents the remnants or waste left after disasters and accidents. He uses drawing software to build 3D models of debris and finally prints the output on photo paper, so that the image smooths out whatever “substance” is modelled. It is a kind of response to contemporary visual experience. In this work, we see a lot of gray and blue fluid-like substances squeezed together into a roughly rectangular form. Wu Chuan-Lun takes the stone often used in European buildings and an image of the surface of the preserved segment of the Berlin wall, which is covered with wads of chewing gum, and puts them on a wrinkled plane. The changes in the lines and lighting are then transformed, becoming metaphors of historical memory and urban debris.