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Debris - Circular
WU Chuan-Lun
NO. 20160126
Year 2013
Max Size
126 x 107 x 4 cm
Digital print on metallic paper with Diasec
Artwork Appreciation
WU Chuan-Lun’s artworks are based on the current industrial and digital era and investigate the blurred boundaries between nature and civilization. Debris refers to the remaining materials after destruction or from discarded goods. In Debris-Circular, shattered pieces of a three-dimensional sculpture are constructed using a 3D software to assemble a sculpture. The sculpture is then exported as a flat image and printed on photographic paper. The organic, fluid components are contrasted with rigid, large, and blockish parts. The completed assemblage seems to be a living, organic biological product of nature, but closer inspection reveals it to be an empty work of abstract elements cobbled together. WU Chuan-Lun uses the language of digital media to investigate the relationship between civilization and nature, invoke physical sensations, and respond to the falsehood and superficiality of the digital age.