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Two Countries, Three Systems
LIN Ru-Duo
NO. 20180157
Year 2016
Max Size
147.2 x 97.2 x 6 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
LIN Ru-Duo’s painting, Two Countries, Three Systems, uses actual appearances of life to present a demolition scene. A huge excavator is at the front while a pile of debris and a building that is about to be torn down are in the background. A huge palm graffiti is on the wall of the building, as if it is protesting against the demolition happening right in front. The whale, squid, penguin, skeletal of a creature and other unknown organisms in the picture, in juxtaposition with the excavator, building, and land, present a ridiculous but somewhat natural state. Transforming that into an imagination of the nationality, it is like the current state of Taiwan. LIN Ru-Duo uses this as a guide for the viewers, that in the land of the Republic of China/Taiwan, the system is ridiculous but is also naturally alive.