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Age of Ambition: The Dodo
LIN Ru-Duo
NO. 20190046
Year 2015
Max Size
105.7 x 75.6 x 6 cm
Acrylic, Sharpie, pencil and pen on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Age of Ambition: The Dodo by LIN Ru-Duo depicts a scene of natural mountain views with industrial equipments such as excavators and conveyer belts. Although the objects in the quarry are full of human traces, they still present the old and cold industrial aesthetic. The configuration of animals is based on the Grimm's Fairy Tales “Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten”, he focuses on the human at the top by composition; the artificial bred Corgi at the bottom, and the extinct Dodo species that was over hunted by humans. LIN Ru-Duo wants to convey that humans seem to be at the top of the species hierarchy, able to decide on the birth and death of a species in the spare of a single thought.