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The Unknown Land 05
LIN Ru-Duo
NO. 20150285
Year 2008
Max Size
101.2 x 166 x 7.3 cm
Acrylic,pastel, and charcoal on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
LIN Ru-Duo’s The Unknown Land 05 captures landscapes and items in the journey in order to create an intuitive montage. Different images are compressed into the same canvas to create an outworldly landscape painting that includes natural environments vanishing because of human activities. Spontaneous flows of paint seem to serve as a metaphor of human pollution of the oceans and the skies. A person whose head was replaced by a skull of a triceratops stands at the foreground looking on at the scene before him. Horse riders are seen in the sky, contrasting against human activities taking place on the land. The work therefore depicts a landscape made unfamiliar due to excessive human construction, serving as a place where the artist can make his stance known.