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Manufactured Landscapes 06: Clearance II
LIN Ru-Duo
NO. 20150286
Year 2009
Max Size
64 x 95 x 7.5 cm
Acrylic,pastel, and charcoal on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
LIN Ru-Duo’s Manufactured Landscapes 06: Clearance II is a montage of reassembled images based upon observations of an external environment that has been subject to excessive artificial changes. The resulting composition shows a realistic yet completely fabricated environment. The viewer sees through the cabin and dashboard of large machinery to see a gigantic cement factory with transport pipes that crudely span the entire canvas as well as the sprawling grasses. The composition is a reflection of the landscapes of Western Taiwan where industrial and agricultural plots crisscross each other. LIN Ru-Duo has managed to mold and recreate the external environment through this artwork in order to contemplate the conflicts between humans and nature.