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My Anderson Ranch II- The Fun Part of the Boring Stuff
CHEN Shiau-Peng
NO. 20140437
Year 2011
Max Size
37.5 x 35.5 cm x 8p
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Shiau-Peng recent artworks were based upon his experiences living in different urban locations and serve as a study of encounters and contemplations at different moments and locations. My Anderson Ranch II – The Fun Part of the Boring Stuff used eight abstract symbols that represent images of the Anderson Ranch Arts Center within the artist’s mind. The symbols respectively represent Snow in the Rocky Mountains, Hiking trails in Snowmass Village, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Patton Print Shop, Yu-Ting Lin at Wyly House Resident, Meals at Kent Cafe, Ross Bleckner’s Lecture, and Aspen Art Museum. With this simplistic and transforming imagery, CHEN Shiau-Peng re-interprets the meaning of abstract presentation where it is no longer a purely rational approach to art, but includes living experiences as well.