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Gifts for Those Artists
CHEN Shiau-Peng
NO. 20190174
Year 2014
Max Size
77 x 192.8 x 4.1 cm
Screen print
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Shiau-Peng's Gifts for Those Artists attempts to explore the process of fostering an artist. She believes that in the context of today's academy of Fine Arts, in addition to learning creative techniques, it is also necessary to face boundless issues and knowledge. What’s More, it is very effective to learn from other artists. CHEN Shiau-Peng picks ten pieces from her works as her inspiration to create pictures with abstract geometric figures, and colorful blocks and lines. With this work, she pays tribute to artists who have inspired her. Also, "recycling" is a humorous way to re-examine and re-create her works.