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Ark Continuation- Endless Journey
WENG Liang-Yuan
NO. 20190001
Year 2015
Max Size
124.3 x 124.3 x 7.2 cm
Digital print
Artwork Appreciation
WENG Liang-Yuan combines digital photography and traditional painting to convey his concern on environment sustainability. In Ark Continuation - Endless Journey, photos and paintings overlap through digital touch. The animals look unfamiliar to us: a white rhino stands upon the raging sea, a withered branch grows on the spine bearing python, lizard, kite birds and apes; a white tiger crawling on tree trunks even grows wings. In the Theory of Evolution, species have to evolve and change themselves to thrive in their sabotaged habitat. WENG Liang-Yuan depicts this helpless cry in a surreal tone; as human society develops and poses a threat to the earth, a catastrophic future is foreseeable.