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Waiting for an Ark
WENG Liang-Yuan
NO. 20150179
Year 2014
Max Size
160 x 260 x 5.5 cm
Digital print on Canvas
Artwork Appreciation
WONG Liang-Yuan uses surrealist digital illustrations to depict a ghostly show of the apocalypse as an analogy to human destruction of the environment and his helplessness towards the modern lifestyle. Waiting for an Ark depicts a deathly industrial ruin and a group of ghastly animals that seemed to have risen from the dead. Skeletal apparitions float around them, guiding them into the floodwaters towards the ark. A lunar eclipse hanging in the heavens and shrouded by mist heightens the sense of coldness and despair. WONG Liang-Yuan employs a surrealist approach to simulate an apocalyptic and stygian landscape that serve as a metaphor of human destruction as well as to communicate his personal sense of helplessness and disappointment in modern ecological conservation efforts.