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No Word Book
WENG Liang-Yuan
NO. 20180040
Year 2015
Max Size
53.8 x 78.8 x 4.6 cm x 8p
Digital print on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
WENG Liang-Yuan uses digital images as a medium to convey his thoughts on the environment. In the work, No Word Book, the doomsday prophecy left from the ancient century seems to be revealing a page of shocking chapters to the world. In the pages without word, there are incomplete body parts of animals, decayed bodies, and even the shapes of the skeletons. The dark pages send a breathtaking coldness and desperation. Through the reproduction, evolution, and destruction of life, we are all shells of souls waiting for redemption. WENG Liang-Yuan uses the hyperrealism technique to convey the cruel rules of survival. The fragility of life is implied under the development of scientific and technological civilization. Through these images, hopefully the destruction that human is acting on the environment can be called into attention.