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Farmer 2013
NO. 20140089
Year 2013
Max Size
65 x 90 x 3.5 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
Photographer CHANG Liang-I grows up in a farming family. He records the changes of Taiwanese rural villages through his lens for years. He captures the passing away landscape for the age. In his work Farmer, he takes the black and white picture of a famer at the center of the farm. The farmer plows the farm diligently with bare hands. There is no surplus exaggerative composition. The artist presents the realistic figure of the farmer who stands on the muddy farm and bows down working in the sunshine. Through the series of realistic rural village pictures, CHANG Liang-I tries to represent the simple value of the rural life in order to inspire people to guard and treasure the land, so that the relationship between the land and people will be rebuilt. He hopes officials and managers of businesses take a look at these farmers who work hard for daily life.