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Boys Swim in an Irrigation Ditch
NO. 20150205
Year 1993
Max Size
61 x 85 x 3.5 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
CHANG Liang-I came from a farming family and used his camera to capture changes and historical images of Taiwanese villages, generating a series of documentary photographs of actual rural landscapes that convey the values of life in the countryside. Boys Swim in an Irrigation Ditch shows several boys stripped down to their underwear happily swimming in an irrigation ditch next to the paddy field. This used to be a common sight in Taiwanese villages. Clean rivers and irrigation canals were once the best places for children to spend their summers. Such sights, however, have completely disappeared and may never return. CHANG Liang-I hopes that such works can inspire viewers to pay more attention to their land and re-establish the tight relationship.