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Vision of Taiwan : Chiatung Township
WU Cheng-Chang
NO. 20130159
Year 2011
Max Size
100.8 x 151 x 3.4 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
In the “Taiwan "Scenery"” series, photographer WU Cheng-Chang focuses on the issue of men and environment. Wu chooses sites around Taiwan with special significance, and reconsiders the relationship between these places and us. Jiadong Township is a coastal town in Pingtung County. Due to fishery needs, over-pumping of groundwater has caused serious land subsidence. This picture shows the destiny of how the pipes and fish farms must rely on each other. Wu beautifies the pipes that pump groundwater, and incorporated himself as a part of the scenery. By exposing his face repeatedly to strong light, he turns the person in the photo into an illuminant body that exists within the landscape, expressing his contemplation on how people and the scenery seen in daily life are staring at one another silently.