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Vision of Taiwan - T-bar and Rice Field
WU Cheng-Chang
NO. 20160267
Year 2011
Max Size
100.5 x 150.5 x 3.8 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
WU Cheng-Chang’s Vision of Taiwan series is an expression of observations collected from his surroundings and captures the unique social and cultural phenomenon in Taiwan. Vision of Taiwan- T-Bar and Rice Field depicts massive outdoors advertisement billboards that are often seen along highways but forms a stark and contradiction against the farmlands. WU Cheng-Chang also included himself in the picture. By building powerful flash lights to blotch out and distort his face, he presented the result of “blindness” and “loss of vision” under the circumstances. WU Cheng-Chang uses a critical perspective to hint at the environmental crisis caused by long-term political, economic, and cultural issue as our powerlessness and regret when such trends intrude into our lives.