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Vision of Taiwan : Electric Wires
WU Cheng-Chang
NO. 20130156
Year 2007
Max Size
100.6 x 150 x 3.6 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
The photographic subjects of WU Cheng-Chang’s Taiwan “Scenery” series are of distinctive scenes born from Taiwan’s experience with economic growth and cultural transition, showing human concern for the land. Wu painstakingly applies the techniques of landscape photography, highlighting problems in Taiwan’s society through depth of field, long exposure and the color temperatures of the twilight hours. In Taiwan “Scenery”: Overpass, his subject is densely crisscrossing power lines over a road. In the photograph, Wu stands near a utility pole with a strong light shining from his head creating an overexposed effect. The expressionless whiteness of his head hints at the public indifference about the surroundings. In this absurd scene, he seeks the possibility of reflection and change.