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Landscape 72
CHEN Chien-Jung
NO. 20140346
Year 2012
Max Size
111.8 x 162 x 3 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Chien-Jung’s recent works are mainly focused upon illustrations of an architectural space. His creations include personal experiences and his current surroundings that have been internalized to form his urban personality. Landscape 72 depicts numerous urban elements such as steel structural beams and concrete blocks to create a powerful architectural landscape that is perfectly aligned, parallel, and balanced. CHEN Chien-Jung made use of automatist approaches to create trails of flowing paint and large color blocks spread over the canvas, using repeated and overlapping coats to soften the cold, steel hardware and industrial architecture, giving it aspects of randomness and physical sensations to give viewers a sense of uncertainty. It is hoped that the combination would help create a familiar yet diverse memory of our urban life while leaving plenty of spaces for readers to interpret the visual messages conveyed.