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Landscape 87
CHEN Chien-Jung
NO. 20160250
Year 2013
Max Size
72.5 x 91 x 2 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Chien-Jung often uses the structural features and outlines of modern architecture as the expressive elements of his paintings. In Landscape 87, straight, rigid lines create an architectural space. The overlapping lines and trails highlight the structural presentation of the entire composition and also provide a strong sense of incompletion and uncertainty. Smudging, dripping, and special layout of colors and brushstrokes create an abstract aesthetic. CHEN Chien-Jung uses collaging, anachronistic positioning, and reproduced elements to create a seemingly perfect area that is in fact filled with variability. Every still space and moment actually contains various rational and emotional elements as well as contradictions and tensions between those changes.