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Silver + Black
HSU Yun-Shan
NO. 20140416
Year 2013
Max Size
96.8 x 130 x 2.2 cm x 3p
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
HSU Yun-Shan has studied and lived in many countries and enjoy using light, shadow, colors, texture, dynamic motion, and other elements as she searches for a method capable of depicting multiple complexities at once. In Silver+Black, HSU Yun-Shan has paid particular attention to the shape and darkness of the drawing and how nothingness slowly gives form to the strokes and colors like a journey of meditative Zen. Each stroke serves as a record of every step taken in the artwork and a means to experience the nature of every element. The soul, liberated, is returned to its natural state of serenity. The work is finally concluded with the final stroke of the brush. To HSU Yun-Shan, creation is an unending experiment that removes the complicated surfaces and brings the artist closer to the true nature of the object in a liberated and direct manner.