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Black + Titan Buff
HSU Yun-Shan
NO. 20140415
Year 2013
Max Size
97 x 130 x 2.4 cm x 2p
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
HSU Yun-Shan has studied and lived in many countries and enjoy using light, shadow, colors, texture, dynamic motion, and other elements as she searches for a method capable of depicting multiple complexities at once. In Black + Titan Buff, HSU Yun-Shan is focused upon the basic elements of drawing, employing black and pale yellow tones to slowly fill-up the entire canvas. The entire process is like Zen meditation, where spiritual defenses are laid down to experience every brush movement and the nature of every step, leaving trails of the moving brush that generate the final composition. To HSU Yun-Shan, artistic creation is an experimental process that removes complex and superficial elements that returns art to its pure and serene freedom and a method employed to identify the basic nature of various objects.