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Intermittent Memory
LIU Yu-Fang
NO. 20140250
Year 2013
Max Size
103.5 x 83.3 x 4.5 cm
Relief print and fabric collage on plywood
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
LIU Yu-Fang is a skilled print artist, incorporating composite media to deviate from standard conventions. Minute details and negligible items from everyday life are used as creative inspiration in this liberal artistic approach. In Intermittent Memory, the blue and gray colored backgrounds are actually leftover fabrics and scraps of different shapes from a tailor’s shop that are then reassembled upon the canvas. The differences in form, color, and texture create a rich montage, while the discontinuity of the fabrics was used as a metaphorical representation of our haphazard memories. By using the characteristics of the print art and repeated processes of creating such artworks, LIU Yu-Fang was able to reflect upon how the same media could be re-used differently and convey his intimate passion for life by using various combinations of attractive colors and textures.