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Glance at the HirtoricStreet in Spring
LIU Yu-Fang
NO. 20140015
Year 2013
Max Size
105 x 84.4 x 4.5 cm
Relief print with paper and thread collage
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Print artist LIU Yu-Fang is adept at using gorgeous colors and forms to create different layers to build a unique visual space. Glance at the Historic Street in Spring takes as its creative target a small corner of Tamsui's Old Street. The painting shows an old mottled wall on which is growing a new sprout, happily stretching out into the air. LIU Yu-Fang cleverly seizes this scene and uses a diagonal composition to have the bright red and the tender green oppose each other on the diagonal, making a stark visual contrast, and also uses a white background to project a stable structural configuration. Discovering a new, tender shoot on the old wall symbolizes the arrival of spring. The quiet little corner away from the hubbub of the street also represents the artist's story of the swift passage of time.