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Flirty, Tipsy and Red
SU Wan-Ting
NO. 20130327
Year 2012
Max Size
88 x 109.5 x 5.2 cm
Acrylic and glitter on wood
Artwork Appreciation
Artist SU Wan-Ting believes that creation is like the mysterious Arcanum, where artists must create a visual space with infinite extension and proliferation based on a limited space of canvas. In “Flirty, Tipsy, Red,” SU Wan-Ting maintains consistent colors, using red as the background and painted the formed and abstract patterns through pink, orange and florescent pink colors. The image becomes individual body of life in coordination with the irregular shape of canvas, which expands and extends outward similar to the proliferation of cells, or the continuous expansion of the milky way of the universe. Su Wan-Ting carries out her arts of Arcanum through the colorful shape of infinite extension as well as reproducing the glamorous moments of her life.