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Reddish Rising Gaze
SU Wan-Ting
NO. 20140235
Year 2011
Max Size
116 x 105 x 5 cm
Acrylic on wood
Artwork Appreciation
SU Wan-Ting believes that creation is like a mysterious alchemical process, creating infinite extensions and reproducing visual spaces upon the finite area of the canvas. Reddish Rising Gaze is a composition of splendorous colors that serve as a signature to SU Wan-Ting’s artworks. Pink is employed as the base, while red, purple, and neon tones were used to construct an abstract mass upon an irregularly shaped canvas, breathing life into the final composition to form an entity that expands outwards like a reproducing cell or the continuously expanding cosmos. SU Wan-Ting hopes to use this endless extension of splendor to work her artistic alchemy and convey the splendorous moments of her life.