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Elegant Movement
SU Wan-Ting
NO. 20190154
Year 2013
Max Size
103.9 x 104 x 5.5 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
Cicada larvae grow in the soil for ten years. After emergence, they only sing for less than one month until the reproduction process is completed. SU Wan-Ting's Elegant Movement uses the yellow background, the green, blue patterns, shiny dewdrops, and fluorescent pink to portray the singing cicadas. With the layered irregular shapes and extending antennae, SU Wan-Ting shows abstract outlines like microorganisms, presenting a rare and splendid scene in life. SU Wan-Ting explores the unknown world through her creations. She feels that people have limited understanding of the universe, so she tries to integrate the shape of living things into her unique imagination, and expresses the beauty of reality and illusion with bright colors and fluid lines.