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Blocks and Lines-05
WU Tung-Lung
NO. 20150347
Oil Painting
Year 2008
Max Size
123 x 123 x 7 cm
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
WU Tung-Lung’s works use lines, patches, volume, and spatial elements to investigate the abstract representation of organic forms and symbols. Blocks and Lines-05 included repeated brushstrokes that created the thick texture typical of hand made goods and a composition of cool color tones that offer a rich range of artistic space. The center of the art highlights an irregularly shaped entity filled with dull colors placed against the blue background like an ephemeral spatial structure that evokes infinite fantasies from the viewer. WU Tung-Lung’s works use pure and minimalist color tones and symbols to identify visual tensions and convey rich inner emotions that well up from within.