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HUANG Chien-Hua
NO. 20130077
Year 2012
Max Size
110.2 x 231.5 x 4 cm
Digital photograpg
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Artist HUANG Chien-Hua is good at collage creation using digital images. In his work, “Micro-World,” HUANG uses the images recorded from international residency and the puzzle-like approach to form a world map. Although the image formed is not in any way associated with the actual geological locations. This work does add some fun to the map. The artist uses imagination to move memories and experience in life, building a personalized world model. There are carefree people, organisms and buildings with distinctive styles shown on this map. The map presents an exclusive social network similar to a virtual theme park that embellishes this small world with more colors, vigor and beauty.