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  • Transcoder – Narcissistic Dancing and Endless Park Picture No.1,Total:1
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Transcoder – Narcissistic Dancing and Endless Park
HUANG Chien-Hua
NO. 20190060
Year 2015
Max Size
109.5 x 207.5 x 3.5 cm
Digital photograph
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
In HUANG Chien-Hua’s Transcoder – Narcissistic Dancing and Endless Park, an intricate social mechanism of identity and power is discussed; the planks and the green fences behind create this virtual stage, and the drama about the system and power is played out. Four hippos in the center show their dance steps, appearing subtly self-absorbed, teasing with untimely self-identification, presenting a dialectical process of identity. The bumper cars in the rear imply competition and the chase. The other hippos behind are busy watching and speculating. HUANG Chien-Hua uses photography techniques to re-clip and re-arrange the pictures and examine people's inner world and social system.