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Transcoder – The Secret About Curves
HUANG Chien-Hua
NO. 20180058
Year 2016
Max Size
110 x 208 x 3.5 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
HUANG Chien-Hua brings unique perspectives on time and space into images of contemporary technology, continuing to explore the position of human beings in an era of photography manipulation. The work, Transcoder – The Secret about Curves, is a world constructed through the grafting and pasting of images. The beach piling with toys is connected to the grassland under the blue sky; the middle is filled with beautiful waves that look like a man-made poster board; an elephant is happily flying and playing on the skateboard ramp. This joyful scene is a metonymy about global energy issues and a story about pursuing dreams and courage at the same time. Through the imagination and continuous reconstruction of the living environment, HUANG Chien-Hua hopes to be able to leap forward with courage again and again.