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Blankscape- I Believe There's Something That's Innocent
HUANG Chien-Hua
NO. 20130078
Year 2010
Max Size
85.4 x 167 x 2.9 cm
Digital photograph
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Artist HUANG Chien-Hua specializes in piecing together elements of digital imagery. In Blankscape - I Believe There's Something That's Innocent, Huang uses blues, reds and yellows to construct a dreamscape around an animal subject. When the animal enters this theatrical scene, a sense of surrealism emerges. In this piece there’s a zebra with a cluster of balloons tied around its neck, standing on a yellow-green ground, striking a theatrical pose. The scene represents both a natural landscape and an artificial stage, creating a fantasyland atmosphere that invites us to let our theatrical imagination roam free.