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KUO Hui-Chan
NO. 20190208
Year 2015~2017
Max Size
Video (colour, silent)
Artwork Appreciation
KUO Hui-Chan's 3D animation work Lock x 4_1 is inspired by the traditional Burr Puzzle. It presents four sets of locks of different types, all of which are made from materials and textures around life and past memories, such as tiles, floor, wall, etc. In the animation, the locks are continuously reorganized and disassembled. In the process, the artist's previous creative character "block man" is integrated, and he moves back and forth between the locks, seemingly exploring, meditating, or wandering. In her works, KUO Hui-Chan uses the "block man" to symbolize herself, traveling through different environments and communities. After unlocking the Burr Puzzle, she leisurely enters another community to explore between people and the environment.