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Brown Tile, White Tile, and Gray Tile
KUO Hui-Chan
NO. 20140574
Year 2005
Max Size
61.5 x 46.3 x 2.7 cm x 3p
Artwork Appreciation
KUO Hui-Chan’s works often employ photo-editing and integration techniques to simulate biological or natural life forms as well as the relationships between people and their environments. Brown Tile, White Tile, and Gray Tile has incorporated the external contours of a person and combined it with the appearances of building tiles. An individual standing in front of a brown-tiled wall has been painted over with brown shades. Another individual standing before a white-tiled wall has been painted over with white squares. The final panel depicts the side profile a person standing against a gray and red tiled wall also painted over by matching textures and colors. The three individuals have taken upon a camouflaging coat as they stand by the sidewalk in silence and observing people walking past. KUO Hui-Chan has infiltrated various social environments using this non-invasive appearance, adopting an isolated perspective to reconsider the relationship between individuals and the meaning of survival.