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Amusement Field 02 Wenshan Edition
KUO Hui-Chan
NO. 20180179
Year 2017
Max Size
Video (colour, silent)
Artwork Appreciation
KUO Hui-Chan takes photography and digital animation as the main axis for creation, focusing previously on body, gender and social issues but in recent years, developing a series of 3D animations from life experiences and structures of children’s toys. The work, Amusement Field 02 Wenshan Edition, is based on the existing students’ works at the Wenshan School of Special Education in Taipei. The mosaic murals and materials from the surrounding environment are photographed and made into 3D images. KUO Hui-Chan transforms the campus into a creative theme. In addition to create resonance and familiarity for the teachers and the students, the unique experience of this joint creation has become a common memory for everyone. She creates the life memory from playing in mazes and playgrounds. For her, people in an unfamiliar place is just like walking in a maze from childhood, facing the unknown situation and beginning the game of life.