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KUO Hui-Chan
NO. 20180180
Year 2017
Max Size
Video (colour, silent)
Artwork Appreciation
KUO Hui-Chan takes photography and digital animation as the main axis for creation, focusing previously on body, gender and social issues but in recent years, developing a series of 3D animations from life experiences and structures of children’s toys. In the work, Lockx3_1, she disassembles and reorganizes the traditional puzzle game, KongMing lock, and presents the process from assembly to disassembly using animation. She collects materials and textures from the Wenshan Market in Taipei, such as blue-striped canvas, Styrofoam, wave panels, doors or mottled walls, to add to the surface of the KongMing lock. In addition, there are little game figures dispersed around, as if they are exploring or lost in the puzzle. KUO Hui-Chan uses children's puzzle toys to develop a maze in space, symbolizing the inner world with geometric images, trying to reflect the relationship between the environment and people, and reflecting on the value and direction of individual existence.