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People who Dance with the Earth
Etan Pavavalung
NO. 20140518
Year 2013
Max Size
120 x 90 x 5 cm
Printing ink and acrylic on wood board
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Etan Pavavalung is born in the Davalan settlement of the Paiwan tribe in Sandimen, Pingtung County. Etan Pavavalung was heavily influenced since his early ages by fellow artisans and craftsmen in his family, and is extremely familiar with traditional Paiwan arts and its cultural spirit, employing a diverse selection of creative themes and media that include poems, prose, paintings, carvings, and videos. His artworks are known for its poetic nature and creativity, and are inspired by the landscape of his native homeland as well as the mysterious history and culture of the Paiwan. People who Dance with the Earth was created using grain-layering panel carving techniques to depict naturalist concepts integrated with indigenous cultural elements. Etan Pavavalung believes that as people move further away from nature, their desire to return will become stronger as they yearn for natural beauty and pristine values it offers. The artwork encourages viewers to take a break from their busy schedules and expose their heart to the sounds and rhythms of nature and experience the spiritual revelations offered.